24VDC Roof Air Conditioner(DL-1800)

One compact roof A/C unit with evaporator, condenser, DC compressor.
Key Benefits 
> 24V battery operated, continues working 3~5 hours while engine off
> Charges while driving, fuel saving
> 5 speeds fan motor  
> Compact design, easily installation
> Remote control, simple operation 
> R-134a pre-filled, safety and environment friendly 
> 1 year warranty 
Standalone air conditioning for the NIGHT-TIME and DAY-TIME use working with the engine switched OFF and ON, maintaining the temperature during the day.
This unit is used mainly to cool down the truck cabin during the driver’s overnight rest periods and during loading and unloading operations.
Wide range of applications: construction equipment, Industrial Equipment, agricultural equipment, light &heavy duty trucks, Cranes, Forklifts, mobile workshops, and any other equipment at 10-15cbms cooling space.